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  • Windows 7 Logon Editor by PacMani

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 16 Jan 2011, 08:55
Windows 7 Logon Editor by PacMani


So here it is, the beta of the advanced logon editor for Windows 7. With it, you can't only change the background image with one click, you can also set the button transparency and the text shadow.
Additionally to that, every advanced logon editor can easily save a preview of the logon (no virtual machines needed anymore), with the userpicture of his choice, a username of his choice and a windows branding of his choice!

ONLY for Windows 7. Doesn't work with Vista.

Currently beta, it is VERY stable at the moment, but there might be file access problems - I need you to hunt the bugs! PM me any bug descriptions (e.g., the long crappy text in (X)-message boxes which might pop up). Enjoy!

Small update on 01.12.2010:
> If your computer says you aren't running it on Windows 7 where you are indeed running it on it, hold down the shift key while starting the program to skip that message.
> Window colors now automatically fit to your system style (e.g., no more baby blue if you have a black style).

Small update on 05.09.2010:
> Bugfixing some stuff
> Stylish interface (so important ;D)
> Removed nasty "Can't retrieve user picture" message
> ESC or F11 to leave fullscreen (thanks to soft.pedia review, I didn't notice this missing feature myself!)

Bugs I am aware of:
> Saving logons does not work always.
> Sometimes, wallpapers are just not applied due to their quality compression
> Logon Editor Logins are currently much too big since they are using PNG compression. In the next release, the user can select which image type should be used inside the *.lel files.




Winodws 7 Logon Editor

Full credit to PacMani

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